DIY Instructions for Personalized Wedding Dinner Plates

Just a quick post about some dinner plates I created for delightful Mom-of-the-Groom Wanda, for her son and new bride’s wedding.

Unfortunately I didn’t get better pics before she came to pick them up, but I wanted to share anyway.

Wedding dinner plates, Personalzied wedding plates, Hand lettering on plates, Calligraphy on Dinner Plates, Hand LetteringWedding dinner plates, Personalzied wedding plates, Hand lettering on plates, Calligraphy on Dinner Plates, Hand LetteringThe color scheme was charcoal and peach. A smooth flat surface is usually best but I managed to work with the ridges that were on the rim.

For those of you who don’t know the process, I’ll share.

First, you need to purchase paints made to go on ceramics. These can be found in any craft store. The brand I used is “Folkart Enamels”.

Next, you will need a decent brush for lettering and design. An inexpensive one can be found at JoAnn’s. It’s a Loew Cornell Soft comfort  brush.  The number for the one I used is 14360 Liner. There are different sizes depending on how large or small you want to paint.

If you don’t feel comfortable lettering a name, consider just painting a design in multi-colors.

Whatever you paint, a second coat will be needed to create an opaque look.

After drying for 24 hours, put the plates into a cool oven and set for 350 degrees baking for 30 minutes.  It’s important to let them cool down in the oven so they don’t crack.

Even though the paint is baked on, they will still need to be hand washed (no dishwasher) after use.

This project can be time intensive, but makes a unique personalized gift for any bride and groom.

I found out that Wanda had all kinds of creative ideas she came up with for her son’s wedding decor.  So I promise to share the pics she sends me in future posts.

All the best to the new Mr. and Mrs. Cullins!

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