Lettering Art Studio has moved!

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Lettering Art Studio has a brand spanking new shiny place…come visit me there!

If you have bookmarked this blog, you can update it with the new link: http://letteringartstudio.com/blog/

If you use an RSS  Reader (like Google Reader) here’s the new feed : http://letteringartstudio.com/feed/

Or just go to the new site and in the side bar on the right, you can subscribe to receive my posts via your e-mail address. http://letteringartstudio.com/blog/

Oh and while you’re there, if you want you can also “follow me” (sounds a little stalker-ish) on Pinterest and Twitter and “Like “me on Facebook.  Cause that’s what all the cool kids are doing:)

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for hanging with me.

See you at the new place!


Check out my current two calligraphy fonts Belluccia and Dom Loves Mary  here.

Belluccia has been on the “Best Sellers”  list for 20 months and was also named one of Myfonts Most Popular Fonts for 2011.  It’s available at myfonts.com.

Bellucia font, calligraphy font, cursive font, script font, fancy font, fancy letters, fonts for invitaitons, fonts for weddings, wedding font, top selling fonts. best selling fonts, most popular fonts,

Dom Loves Mary font, calligraphy font, cursive font, script font, wedding font, hand lettered font, calligraphy font, best selling font, font for invitations, font for DIY Brides, top selling fonts, most popular fonts

My second calligraphy font, Dom Loves Mary (a “December Rising Star” and  2012 Best Seller) is also available on myfonts.com.


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