Postcard Invitation by with Belluccia Calligraphy Font

A friend found this darling postcard using my Belluccia calligraphy font at

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It never gets old to see my font used on something so sweet!

I’m busy at work designing a new font, but in the meantime, you can check out my current two calligraphy fonts here.

Belluccia has remained on the Best Sellers list for 19 months was named one of Myfonts Most Popular Fonts for 2011 and is available at

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My second calligraphy font, Dom Loves Mary (a “December Rising Star” and  2012 Best Seller) is also available on

Wishing you a Whimsical Wednesday:)



Kitchen Towel Save the Date on Wedding Chicks

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I love these fabulous Kitchen Towel Save the Dates from the Wedding Chicks shop featuring my Belluccia cursive font!

The towels are 27″ x 19″ and have  a red stripe on each side.

No wasted paper here.  This is something your guests can keep forever making them good for the environment.

And they are sure to remember your anniversary with this hanging around their kitchen!

Nice job Wedding Chicks!

DomLovesMary font, cursive font, script font, wedding font, calligraphy font, wedding invitation, hand lettered font

The font family features three different versions of the alphabet, a set of “Add Ons” that will include words like “and, to, of, for, at, etc…in addition to 124 flourishes to be added to either the upper or lower case so you can create your own custom look!

It will be released on on my Correspondence Ink foundry page.

I’ll be sponsoring a give away of a wedding item using the DomLovesmary font on Brenda’s blog soon.  Subscribe to my blog to get the details.

In the meantime, my first cursive font, Belluccia is still available at and

tree print, Belluccia calligraphy font, wedding font, cursive font, fancy font, script font, hand lettered font

 Belluccia was named one of myfonts Most Popular Fonts for 2011.

Weswen Design Maggie Collection

Bright spring colors come together beautifully in the Maggie Collection from Weswen Design.  I am thrilled that my font, Belluccia, was used in one of the fabulous wedding invitation and save the date sets.

This collection features a variety of fonts and styles that give the cards a contemporary, clean look. I love to see Belluccia utilized in such a lovely invitation suite!

belluccia, cursive font, script font, wedding font, wedding invitation, save the date, calligraphy font

The design featuring my cursive font is called Newport and uses a deep violet background with a complementary lavender text that makes my script font really stand out.  I love how the flourish, in a different color, surrounds the couple’s names and creates a focus for the design.

A great feature of this collection is the ability for customers to choose custom colors to fit the theme of their wedding. With the great variety of colors and designs you’re sure to find a perfect match! How fun to see Belluccia included in such a versatile collection!

Way to go Wendy!

DIY Wedding Invitation

And as always my calligraphy font, Belluccia, one of myfonts Most Popular Fonts for 2011, is available at : and

Creative DIY Save the Date

You may remember the modern chevron designed wedding invitation that I posted previously.  Well when I saw the Save the Date that had been sent for the same wedding, I thought it was such a darling idea I asked the bride if I could post it.

She was more than happy to share.

DIY Save the Date invitation, Rustic Wedding Invitation, Rustic Save the Date Invitation, DIY Wedding Invitation

Taylor, the bride, found an old window pane and lettered “Save The Date” in the top three panes.  This can be done with either a chalk marker or acrylic paint.  She used the bottom three windows to put the numerical date.  The numbers are cut out and backed with newspaper to go along with the rustic feel.

They found a great weathered red barn as a backdrop.  A picture was snapped.  They selected a casual font (available where they had the pictures printed) and then used the 4″ x 6″ pics as the actual Save the Date.  Though they used white envelopes, another option would be to use red, blue or spring green.  Then use a gel pen in a contrasting color to address them.

This is a great example of a creative invitation that is economical too!

Way to go Taylor!  And Happy Wedding to you, Jacob and your families.

DIY Wedding Invitation

And as always my calligraphy font, Belluccia, one of myfonts Most Popular Fonts for 2011, is available at : and

Cursive font for DIY Invitations

This video was shot when I first released my cursive font, Belluccia, last June.  I finally got the DVD converted and uploaded to youtube.  It was filmed on the spot, when I was in Michigan taping a segment for the Eight West morning show so I’m talking off the cuff and rather awkwardly at that.  I seem to stutter in lots of places.

But at least it was a good hair day:)

I’m thrilled to say that since this was made Belluccia has remained on the Best Sellers list.  It made the Rising Stars List in July of 2011 and recently was honored as one of the Most Popular Fonts of 2011 on

It’s been featured on many Wedding Invitations created by talented designers.  Thanks to all who have used it in so many creative ways!  You’ve helped make my visions  of it come to life.

I’m still struggling to balance my regular work schedule with the creation of my second font, but it is slowly coming along!

cursive wedding font

And as always my calligraphy font, Belluccia is available at : and

Beautiful Letterpress Invites and Thank you Notes

Don’t you just love getting a cool package in the mail?  I do too!  So I was thrilled to open the box from The Aerialist Press when it arrived.   I was not disappointed with the content.  Check out the pics!

Box from The Aerialist Press

First of all, I’m all about a lovely presentation box.

Beautiful letterpress options from The Aerialist Press

Not only did this treasure box hold 3 fabulously designed letterpress invitations utilizing my Belluccia font (available at , but also included some beautiful  “Thank You” cards.  Lovely!

"Quil" Invitation Suite using Belluccia font

This is the “Quill” design that I featured on my blog previously.  Nice to hold it and see and feel the quality of the letterpress printing and paper. This is one of their “House designs”.

Save the Date with reply Postcard using my Belluccia font

How cool is this Save the Date  with matching Reply postcard from the “Charleston Invitation Suite” ?  Another House Design that looks like custom!

Beautiful Vintage feel Invite with response card using Belluccia font

Here’s a custom invite with a vintage feel beautifully designed with an unusual graphic in an elegant warm grey. Again, Belluccia was used for the script font.

Letter pressed Thank you notes featuring Belluccia font in assorted colors

Don’t you just love the delicious colors of these Thank you cards with matching envelopes!!!  Yummy.

Thank you Alexandra and Craig for making my Belluccia font come to life so creatively in these gorgeous designs.  More designs using Belluccia on both Wedding and Baby Announcements are on their site.  Check them out!  The Aerialist Press.

Letterpress Save the Date in new calligraphy font

I recently had a request to create original artwork for a Save the Date and return address using the lettering style of my soon to be released calligraphy font,.

I loved the whole look the bride was after and was anxious to see how it would look when it was finally letter pressed.

At the bride’s request, I sent all the artwork to Travis Friedrich of Park Life Press in North Carolina .

When they were finished and the brides parents brought them by my studio, I gasped!    They looked gorgeous!   Letter press adds so much to the look of calligraphy.  Travis did an excellent job.  In fact, I requested samples so I could share this great resource with other clients.

This week I’ll be completing the look by addressing the envelopes in the matching lettering style.

Save the Date and return address in "Bellucci" lettering style

I’m still working on some cool additions to the font.  But in the meantime, this is a great sample of what can be created with it.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered…Fun New Year’s Eve Save the Dates!

New Year's Eve Save the Date

They just went out! Signed, Sealed, Stamped and Delivered! My latest fun project: Save the Dates for a sure to be fabulous New Year’s Eve wedding.

Stuffed, Stamped, Sealed and ready for Hand Cancelling

This couple wanted to get the party started right. So I came up with a design that would highlight the New Year’s Eve themed picture they had taken.  The bride loved it.  So with the help of my assistants, we cut, scored, hole punched, cut some more, adhered, stuck, bent and tied… creating a total of  233 Save the Dates !

Special thanks to Helen, Mary Kay, Kim and Paula for all their hard work!! This was definitely a team project.

Helen and Mary Kay busy putting them all together

Here’s a video of Kim and Paula creating the faux wax stamps.  for anyone who is interested in seeing how it’s done, this will give you the idea.

A lot of love and care went into planning this “postal experience “.  My goal was to not only create a lot of  visual “wow” factor but to provide guests with a sense of anticipation.  I want them to be thinking, “I wouldn’t miss this for the world !”

Here’s what I hope will excite them as they pull this “piece of gold” out of their mail boxes:

First I hope they notice their names carefully lettered in black on the beautiful gold shimmer envelope in the style of my new calligraphy font. ( It will be released on this June, 2011 !).   Hopefully they’ll also take note of the themed custom stamp from

Envelope addressed in "Serelle Bellucci" Script

The party horn on the flap along with the return address printed in the matching lettering style was another detail meant to suggest something fun inside.

The beautiful black  “Silk” paper that forms the cover and back actually has a soft fabric like feel to add to the sensory experience. 

Black "silk" paper with black damask ribbon

Once the black damask ribbon is untied the secret quickly starts to unfold.

The gold glitter wax seal sitting in the middle of the  bride and groom’s names is there to suggest a little glitz and glamour befitting the occassion.

Inside Bride and Groom's names with glitter gold wax seal

Pulling it off and venturing into the final layer,  they’ll ooh and ahh at the beautiful picture of this darling couple, while reading about their upcoming nuptials.

Fun picture of the bride and groom in party mode

I can’t imagine anyone not immediately marking their calendars for a very special New Year’s Eve wedding!  How would you feel if you received this in the mail?

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