Personalized Painted Pumpkins and other Fall things

Check out these personalized painted pumpkins ( can you say that five times really fast:).  I created them for one of my regular clients.

hand lettering, calligraphy, names painted on pumpkins, personalized pumpkins, halloween pumpkinsI love fall! The crisp air, the leaves changing, Halloween and the colors of the season.  So here’s a few more things to celebrate fall.

hand lettering, calligraphy on envelopes, halloween invitation

Here’s a Halloween invitation envelope design from last year. ( See my  previous post with “DIY instructions” here. ) The client let me know that this year’s theme will involve blood:)  Can’t wait to create those envelopes!

halloween invitation, hand lettering on halloween invitation, coffin invitation, mummy invitation

A fun idea for a Halloween themed party invitation.

fall cookies, calligraphy on cookies, hand lettering, pumpkin cookies

My friend Laura loved getting these in the mail… some yummy fall cookies I lettered on with food coloring.  These are from It’s a Mary Cake, my favorite baker. They make a great Thank You or Birthday gift.

fall flowers. flowers in a pot, potted flowersLove the color of these flowers in my blue pot.

Whatever your day is like, I hope you have the chance to get outside and enjoy some fresh air and spot some signs of fall in your area !

DomLovesMary font, cursive font, script font, wedding font, calligraphy font, wedding invitation, hand lettered font

The soon to be released  (October) DomLovesMary font family features three different versions of the alphabet, in addition to 124 flourishes to be added to either the upper or lower case so you can create your own custom look!

As soon as the font is finished it will be released on on my Correspondence Ink foundry page.

I’ll be sponsoring a give away of a wedding item using the DomLovesmary font on Brenda’s blog soon.  Subscribe to my blog to get the details.

In the meantime, my first cursive font, Belluccia is still on the Best Seller’s list!

tree print, Belluccia calligraphy font, wedding font, cursive font, fancy font, script font, hand lettered font

 Belluccia was named one of myfonts Most Popular Fonts for 2011.
It’s is available at : and

“Spooky” DIY Halloween envelope and Invite

Halloween will be here soon.  If you’re ready to send out invitations to your spooky party, here’s a simple and easy way to address them in theme!

Halloween invite with "spidery" envelopes

I recently did these for a client who also ordered a special Halloween themed stamp from  The client supplied the invitations as well as the matching return address label.  They came from

I used gouache paint and a brush for lettering and creating the web and spider, but you can create the look yourself with just markers!  Here’s the how to steps:

Halloween envelope: Step one

Step 1. Draw a simple scalloped line using a black marker.  I used a Faber-Castell  Pitt artist pen ( the Brush marker).

Halloween envelope: Step two

Step 2. Draw lines straight on an angle down from the points to the edge of the envelope.

Halloween envelope: Step three

Step 3.  Draw more scalloped lines to mimic the top line.  Make sure to create at least  3 spaces to accommodate the name and address.  If the address will have an apartment line, make sure to create another space for that.

Halloween envelope: Step four

Step 4. With an orange marker ( I used a TOMBO Brush marker) letter the name and address in the spaces created between the lines.  This is the fun part because it’s not supposed to be perfect.  In fact, it actually helps if you shake a little when lettering.

Halloween invite: Step five

Step 5.  Draw the spider using the black marker. A simple hour glass shape filled in works for the body, then add legs and dot white eyes with a white paint marker.  I used a Sharpie Poster-Paint marker.

A  themed stamp and return address sticker, will add to the final look, but they’re not necessary.

Final DIY themed envelope with invitation

Your friends and family are sure to be spooked when they get this in the mail:)


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