FREE Printable Chalkboard Wedding Signs with Dom Loves Mary Calligraphy font

Today’s Free Printable Chalkboard Wedding Signs were inspired by a combination of my last post featuring a Chalkboard sign by Ciera Design.  And the giveaway contest I had on Brenda’s Wedding Blog.

The winner was chosen Nov. 12. She will receive artwork created with my Dom Loves Mary font including : 15 Table numbers, A Bride and Groom ( or Mr. and Mrs. sign), a set of 15 Table Number signs and 4 additional signs of the winner’s choice. (Ex: Sweets, Photo Booth, Thank you, Just Married, etc…)

Brenda asked the participants what they would want on their additional signs.  There were so many great responses, I decided to create the top 4 choices as FREE PRINTABLES  that you can download and print on 11″ x 8.5″ card stock.

Do me one favor,…if you like them, please  (with chocolate sprinkles on top) PIN them or share on TWITTERr or FACEBOOK:)

I put my Lettering Art Studio copyright mark to protect my work on the internet.  But you can easily cut out the black sign and adhere it to another piece of white or colored card stock when you are using it for your wedding.

I am having so much fun creating these, I’m going to post more tomorrow!



Did you know the Dom Loves Mary Text looks really cool all on it’s own?  Here it’s used to tell a “Once upon a time” love story.

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Dom Loves Mary  is now #10 on the Hot New Fonts list  (thanks!!) and is available at: Correspondence Ink Type foundry .

We put together specially priced packages to help you save money so check it out and see which one will work for you.

My first cursive font, Belluccia is available at and

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 Belluccia has remained on the Best Sellers list for 16 months was named one of myfonts Most Popular Fonts for 2011.

Chalkboard Signs for Rustic Country Wedding

I never know what DFW Events is going to ask me to do next, but I always know it’s going to be something fun and unique!  So it was no surprise when I was asked to make these rustic chalkboard signs for a recent Texas wedding.

Rustic wedding signs,calligraphy, lettering on chalkboard, chalkboard signs, DIY wedding signs, hand lettering

This 4 foot tall seating chart displayed the southern themed table names and seating assignments.  A hand drawn rope adds a whimsical touch.

Rustic wedding signs,calligraphy, lettering on chalkboard, chalkboard signs, DIY wedding signs, hand lettering

These boards were custom made to fit the quantity of names as well as withstand outdoor conditions ( think wind!).  They were displayed against barrels and bales of hay, adding to the country look. ( The plastic protecting the edges eventually came off:)

Rustic wedding signs,calligraphy, lettering on chalkboard, chalkboard signs, DIY wedding signs, hand lettering

Small chalkboards were used to display table names at the wedding’s reception.  The use of names instead of numbers added to the Texas theme.

rustic wedding signs, bride and groom signs,calligraphy, lettering on chalkboard, chalkboard signs, DIY wedding signs, hand lettering

It was fun to make these rustic Bride and Groom signs.  The hand drawn rope further carries the country decor.

And what’s a country wedding without a delicious s’more?  In a similar rope style I created this adorable sign for the reception’s S’more Bar.

I love contributing to creative weddings like this.  These chalkboard signs create a custom look and are a great addition to any wedding.

I’ll be sharing DIY pics in a future post so you can create your own signs.

DIY Wedding Invitation

And as always my calligraphy font, Belluccia, one of myfonts Most Popular Fonts for 2011, is available at : and

DIY Wedding in Charlottesville, Virginia featuring Belluccia font

The professional pics and video for this lovely wedding in Charlottesville by Eric Kelley Photography almost made me feel like a mother of the bride.  My attachment came from the use of my Belluccia font, flourishes, ornaments and borders throughout the event.  The real lovely Mother of the Bride, Deni Richards cleverly used it to create DIY projects to make her daughter Caroline’s wedding filled with darling personal touches.

With the added talents of Meghan Streit of Shindig Weddings and Events  this talented team put on the wedding Caroline had always dreamed of.

When you check out the video keep in mind that there was a storm and resulting power outage during the reception.  Eric and his videographer Adam literally saved the day with this lovely footage.

The new Mr. and Mrs. Rob Smithson July 3, 2011

How sweet is this “Happy Tears” chalkboard sign resting by a container of vintage hankies?

Happy Tears Chalboard Sign

Happy Tears Chalkboard Sign in Belluccia font

The wedding program was simple and lovely. The flourished look of the Belluccia font added  just the right touch.

Wedding Program using Belluccia font

While guests were waiting for the reception to begin, they were invited to participate in fun lawn games, Bocce and Cornhole.

Bocce chalkboard sign using Belluccia font and flourishes

This assortment of different sized chalkboards used for table seating made a wonderful display.

Table Seating Signs

I love the way Deni used a simple folding technique and my Belluccia font and ornaments to make simple but unique printed table numbers.

Table sign using Belluccia font and flower and heart ornaments

Love this Something Borrowed, Something Blue sign!

Something Borrowed, Something Blue sign using Belluccia font, flourishes, ornaments & borders.

Lemonade and Iced tea were the perfect thirst quencher.

Lemonade Sign in Belluccia font

I love these darling tags attached to the straws!

Straw tags in Belluccia font

These Chalkboard “Mr. and Mrs.” signs are perfectly accented with gorgeous hydrangea.

Mr. an Mrs. Signs in Belluccia font

The menu peaks out of the napkin with just a touch of live greens, while the other side uses my whimsical Belluccia ornaments and font to showcase the delicious food that was served.

Menu in Belluccia font

To honor the parents and grandparents of the couple, Deni displayed items from their weddings in an assortment of Cloche Bell Jars.  Each jar had an attached tag with the couples name and wedding date.  What a lovely way to include special family members.

Past Family Wedding Momentos in Cloche Bell Jar with tag using Belluccia font and ornaments

And how sweet is this idea of using personal family stories to go with items on the candy buffet!

Hershey Kisses sign in Belluccia font

Parting words from the wedding guests.

Advice for a Strong Marriage sign in Belluccia font and border

Deni even pulled off making this enlarged Just Married sign for the traditional get away car.

Just Married sign in Belluccia font

Deni did an incredible job with all of these creative and fun items. I’m amazed at all of the unique ideas she, Caroline and Meghan came up with.  Their hard work and attention to detail really paid off.  (FYI: Deni did made all of the signage using Microsoft Word!)

I’m so happy to see my Belluccia font being put to use by some of the very people I had in mind when I designed it:  DIY Brides  and their creative mothers. ( as well as invitation designers and event planners). This is proof that it really does give you a custom look for a fraction of the cost.

Many thanks to Eric Kelley for the use of these photos and Meghan Streit of Shindig Weddings and Events who worked so closely with Deni and Caroline to put on this amazing event.  Be sure to check out both of their websites.

Ready to use Belluccia for your event?  It’s available for purchase at  (where I’m thrilled to say it is still on the best sellers list after 6 months) and

Unique Guest book with calligraphy font

Guest book chalkboard signage

To wind up coverage of the July 3 wedding of Caroline and Rob, here is the Guest book and the darling Guest book sign I promised to show you.  First a little background story.

Deni ( The lovely and talented Mother of the Bride) shared the proposal story with me.

If memory serves me, Rob came over to Caroline’s and asked her is she wanted to take a hike in the nearby Blue Ridge Parkway where they often went for such ventures.  She was cranky and tired but agreed to go.  She kept complaining the whole way up until they finally  reached a favorite scenic stopping point, which is where he proposed.  I’m certainly not giving it the flair it deserves but the point is, the book they picked to use as their Guest book is a photo montage of the Parkway.

Page from the Blue Ridge Parkway photo book

So without further adeiu, here it is:

Blue Ridge Parkway Guest Book

As always I used the Belluccia font style ( I hand lettered it in this case).  ( Here’s the link to see the whole Belluccia font family: )

I lettered on cover stock paper that matched one of the tannish gold colors on the book then added the blue and white for a nice pop.

You can easily create this look yourself by hand or on the computer.

Layout the design using the Belluccia font. If using the computer, print on an 8.5″ x 11″.  If you are going to try your hand at tracing the font, you’ll need a light table. ( This is how Deni created all her projects- by tracing the font.)

Place the printed design under the final paper you’ll be lettering on.  Trace lightly with a pencil.

Go over the lettering carefully using either a regular or brush marker, gel pen or paint pen. If you feel really adventurous, you can try your hand at using paint and a brush!

You’ll want extra sheets of the final paper for testing and just in case it doesn’t turn out the first time.  It happens to the best of us:)

Once it’s done, cut out the design ( if you used an 8.5 “x 11″ for printing- if you hand lettered on  a 12″ x 12″ you’re ready to attach to book) and attach to a larger scrapbook paper (12″ x 12”).

Cut and attach that paper to fit the inside page of the book.  Double sided scrapbook tape or spray adhesive will both work.  The adhesive can be tricky to work with though.  Find pics of  instructions on this blog in the older entry dated April 14th, 2011.

Here’s a few more pics to show the steps for this one.

Drawing out the design before hand lettering

When I’m going to hand letter a design, I first do a pencil sketch to look at the size and placement of the words.  Then I put this on my light table placing the paper I’ll be lettering on top.  This ensures the final design is exactly where I want it.

Final design with pencil sketch

Final design attached to the first inside page of the book

When attaching the final page into the book, I think it’s good to leave about .25 ” all around.  It frames it nicely and gives you a little wiggle room when attaching.

I just love the whole idea of having a Guest book that can sit on your coffee table filled with lovely wishes and recalling such a sweet moment in your life:)

This idea is becoming popular.  I just had a client call me and send me a picture from the April 14th  post I created  to show me what she wanted  for her sister’s guest book.   She is giving it to her as a gift.  Lovely idea!

I may have to do this for the next shower I’m invited to:)

I told her she was in luck, since I was the creator of it:)  So I know exactly what to do. I can’t wait to see which book she chose.

Do you have any books you think would make a great guest book?  I’d love to check them out.

Give away alert!  When I return from my calligraphy convention, I’ll be giving away an illustration from my Country Chic themed ornament set ( Still being created.) to all my subscribers.  All you need to do is either subscribe to my blog  or, if you are already a subscriber, simply  make a comment on any of my posts !

More DIY Chalkboard Wedding Signs !

As some of you may know, I’ve had a Mom of the Bride, Deni, testing out my Belluccia font by creating DIY projects with it for her daughter’s wedding.  Well the wedding took place this past July 3 in Charlottesville.  So I’m excited that I can finally reveal pics of the projects she created with my font.

The professional photographers will be much better I’m sure:)  I’ll post those when I get them.  But I just couldn’t wait to share some of what she created. I hope they will  give you an idea of things that can be made using the Belluccia font, flourishes, ornaments and borders.  I really am impressed with Deni’s work.

It does take time but if you want to save some money and still have fabulous looking details, this is a great option.

Let’s start with the sign outside of the Church that let guests know what the bride was wearing related to these 4 traditional categories : “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue”.

"Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue"She used the Belluccia font for the lettering, and the Belluccia bridal dress and ring ornaments as added illustrations.  How cute is that!

Next, at the reception, these signs were posted to show the lawn game options. I can’t wait to see the photographer’s pics of these! Love how the use of simple flourishes can add so much charm:)

Lawn game signs

To help guests find their seats, she created different sized signs covering the alphabet from A-Z and hand lettered the list of guests.  She was going to add the actual table number once she got them set up at the location.  Love the fun details she added, again using the font family.

Table assignment sign

Table assignment sign

Table assignment sign- lots of people with last names starting with "S"

How darling is this!  She used ornaments ( Cake, invitation, bouquet, rings and I love you note) in a wonderful combination to create this Wedding Sign.  Then added Caroline and Rob’s names and the wedding date with the font.  Again, sorry for the bad pics. If you don’t know, you would pay hundreds of dollars for a professional to create these.  So cool to be able to help people create  this very trendy signage while saving cost.

Wedding Sign at the reception

There’s actually  more items where Deni applied her magic, but I will save it for the next post.

In the meantime, to make your very own DIY projects with the Belluccia font, flourishes, ornaments and borders just go here to purchase :  I recommend the Belluccia Pro package.  It gives you 4 fonts in one! Receive special pricing when you purchase all three  accoutrements

( flourishes, ornaments and borders).  What would you do with the font?

Wedding Font for Wedding Festivities

At Lettering Art Studio, we love to hear and see your success stories when you take the creative wheel behind your big event! We are pleased to offer you yet another DIY Wedding opportunity using our newest script font, Belluccia  font, ornaments, fourishes and borders.

Today’s DIY project is a Welcome sign for your wedding or event.  If you subscribe to my blog and post a comment about the project, I’ll send you a copy of the Welcome sign artwork to use for your own project!

Here’s the How to :

Step 1.)  I started with this wooden shape.  I happened to have this one left over from another project.  But you can create one yourself out of something as simple as cardboard or foam core.  Just make sure it has a smooth surface. You can also buy pre-cut wooden shapes at a craft store, or look for wooden signs at places like Goodwill.
Step 2.) Next I attached the  Adhesive backed Chalkboard paper ( Michael’s) to the board and cut the shape out.
Step 3.) I created the artwork on the computer using my new Belluccia font, banner ( in the flourishes package) and birds from the ornament package. ( The birds aren’t shown in this pic.  The font inside the banner is actually a new one I’m creating!)  I actually changed the wording inside the banner to say “Our Wedding”.

I sized it to fit the board by enlarging it on my copier.  I also made a small border by drawing around the outline of the shape using a Chalk Marker.  ( Michael’s)

Step 4.) Once I had the artwork in place, I traced it onto the chalkboard paper by placing white transfer paper ( any craft store) under it and tracing with a sharp pencil.  I did the same thing with the birds.
Step 5.) The last thing is to fill in the artwork using the Chalk marker.  It’s a chiseled edge so you have to put it up on it’s thinnest edge to make the finer lines.  I need to check and see if this marker comes in different tips.  That would be helpful.  But the look overall is not supposed to be refined.
Being a calligrapher, I just hand lettered the date and names and “Our Wedding”, but you could trace a simple block font if you don’t feel comfortable with your hand skills.
You can attach a hanger at the top and hang it on a door or post  or attach it to a wooden stake and put it in a planter.
I’d love to see what ideas you come up with!  If you end up making something with the artwork, please send me the how to pics for posting.  Or just a pic of the final piece.
Hope you enjoyed the first of many how to projects using Belluccia !

Both fanciful and classy, Belluccia was created with the DIY bride in mind as well as invitation designers.  It has all the components just ready for you to create invitations and wedding signage with the beautiful look of calligraphy at a fraction of the cost.

To get a better look at the Belluccia font as well as the whole family of flourishes, ornaments and borders go to :

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