Pink Chevron Fill in Birthday Poster

Pink Chevron Fill in Birthday poster, Pink Chevron Birthday decor, girl's birthday sign, hand lettering, calligraphy

This pink chevron fill in birthday poster was a lot of work to create. It’s 3.5 ‘x2.5’, hand painted in pink and gray gouache and dry mounted on foam core.

( The name was edited out at my client’s request.)

The space at the middle bottom is where the party girl’s chair will be.  So once guests have written in the bubbles, the photos will commence!

After the party it will be framed and  become a wonderful keepsake.

Can you imagine having something like this from your childhood? What do you think would have been written on yours?

Here’s one that comes to my mind: “When she grows up, Debi…may finally learn to be on time:) ” That would have been starting in the high school years.

Okay maybe I haven’t quite mastered that one:)

But if I go back further, I have no doubt there would be several mentions about being an artist. And that part did come true.

Drawing and writing were two of my main occupations when I was growing up.  How about you?

What would your bubbles say?

I’m going to be opening up an Etsy shop soon.  I’m considering a template of this poster that people can download and have printed.  What do you think?

In fact, I’d love to get your thoughts on what type of products of mine you’d like to see in an Etsy shop. Any ideas?

All the Best,


calligraphy font, hand lettered font, script font, wedding font, fancy font, cursive font, wedding calligraphyThis is a sample of my soon to be released fon “DomLovesMary” in use with special flourishes and “Add on” word.

The font family features three different versions of the alphabet, a set of “Add Ons” that will include words like “and, to, of, for, at, etc…in addition to 124 flourishes to be added to either the upper or lower case so you can create your own custom look!

It will be released on on my Correspondence Ink foundry page.

I’ll be sponsoring a give away of a wedding item using the DomLovesmary font on Brenda’s blog soon.  Subscribe to my blog to get the details.

In the meantime, my first cursive font, Belluccia is still available at and

tree print, Belluccia calligraphy font, wedding font, cursive font, fancy font, script font, hand lettered font

 Belluccia was named one of myfonts Most Popular Fonts for 2011.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Donna
    Oct 10, 2012 @ 19:51:48

    I would definitely like to see what you have to offer on Etsy!


    • Debi Sementelli
      Oct 10, 2012 @ 20:54:11

      Well I’m taking suggestions if you have any. This will be all new to me and I really don’t know what people would want to buy. So please share if you have any thoughts on items to offer. Thanks!



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