DIY Personalized Pumpkin

DIY Halloween pumpkin,Halloween decor, decorated pumkin, personalized Halloween pumkinHere’s an quick idea for a DIY personalized pumpkin.  All the supplies are available at any craft store.

DIY Halloween pumpkin,Halloween decor, decorated pumkin, personalized Halloween pumkin

You’ll need: A pumpkin, a glue gun, 3 different sized ribbons, ( it helps if the largest ribbon is wired) fake spider web, fake spiders, black gloss acrylic paint and brush ( an inexpensive option is the Loew-Cornell Soft Comfort #14360 Liner in Size 1 or larger)  or a sharpie marker.

1. The first step is to put the initial on the pumpkin.  This can be done with the gloss acrylic paint and brush or the sharpie marker.  It helps to first draw the letter on the pumpkin with a pencil.  The line will be very light but it will help guide you.

If you are using a sharpie marker, you’ll need to fill in the areas where you have the thickest strokes.  Depending on what brush you use you may also need to add more width to parts of the letters that need it ( usually the  “down” strokes are the weighted strokes).

2. Next you’re going to attached the ribbons, starting with the widest wired one at the bottom.  The length of ribbon will depend on the size of the pumpkin, but it’s always best to make it longer as it’s easy to cut it if needed. I’d start with a minimum of 12″ for a small pumpkin.

Simply tie in a knot around the pumpkin staff. Don’t tie in a bow. Bend the wired ribbon so that it moves in a wave extending out from the pumpkin.  This will help hold your spider web in place.

3. Add additional ribbons in thinner widths. As you tie each ribbon around the pumpkin staff, adhere it to the one below with a glue gun so they all stay in place. Then make a bow. As you go to glue the last ribbon, make sure to turn it so that when you make a bow, it doesn’t rest exactly on top of the other bow, but fits nicely beside it.

4. Now it’s time to add the spider webbing.  Cut a piece and place it over the pumpkin staff.  Stretch it so it covers and sticks to the wired ribbon.  You can play around with it a bit perhaps sticking it through the holes of the bows.

DIY Halloween pumpkin,Halloween decor, decorated pumkin, personalized Halloween pumkin

5. Glue the spider to the middles of all the bows.  You can also add a few more spiders to other parts of the web.  Attach with a small dab of  the glue gun so they stay in place.

In addition to decor for your home, this would be a good craft for kids ( younger ones may need you to make the letter) or a great hostess gift if you’re going to a Halloween party !

Happy Pumpkin making!


My new calligraphy font, “DomLovesMary” will be ready soon.

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The font family features three different versions of the alphabet, a set of “Add Ons” that will include words like “and, to, of, for, at, etc…in addition to 124 flourishes to be added to either the upper or lower case so you can create your own custom look!

It will be released on on my Correspondence Ink foundry page.

I’ll be sponsoring a give away of a wedding item using the DomLovesmary font on Brenda’s blog soon.  Subscribe to my blog to get the details.

In the meantime, my first cursive font, Belluccia is still available at and

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 Belluccia was named one of myfonts Most Popular Fonts for 2011.

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