Halloween Invitation and Party Game

Halloween invitation, Halloween cookies, toy wooden coffin, spooky hand lettering, calligraphy

This Halloween invitation and party game were so much fun to create!  First here’s the details about the invites.

They were made for my client’s daughter’s Halloween themed birthday bash. It would also make a great party favor.

Halloween invitation, Halloween cookies, toy wooden coffin, spooky hand lettering, calligraphy

The darling and delicious mummy cookies were made by “It’s a Mary Cake”.  You could also fill the coffin with Halloween candy.

Here’s some basic DIY instructions.

The wooden coffin’s came from Michael’s craft store.  They were painted black.  The message was lettered in white on black card stock cut in the shape of the coffin lid and attached.

You could do this with a white chalk or paint marker or white pen.

Halloween invitations, Halloween calligraphy, hand lettering, mummy invitations, calligraphy on invitations

They were mailed in “mummified” boxes ( I painted the look of fabric strips in gray.)  with addresses hand lettered in orange paint. Again, orange and gray markers could be used.

The coffin was placed inside a white mailing box where an orange card with party details was attached.

When the box was opened it revealed a “web” with spiders guarding the coffin:) Any craft store has theme items.

Halloween invitation, Halloween cookies, toy wooden coffin, spooky hand lettering, calligraphy

More spiders and a fake eyeball were hidden in the paper shredding.  Other items could include plastic worms and bugs!

Hope you like this fun invitation idea.

Now for the game….

A Mummy Scavenger Hunt Party Game:

1. Divide the party guests into teams.

2. Each team will create a “mummy.”  They can trace one of their bodies on a large piece of white roll paper.  Or you could opt to have them draw the outline of a mummy on a piece of poster board.

3. One or two guests  are designated as the mummy reviver.  The others go out on the scavenger hunt looking for their mummy’s parts. ( Just hidden in your yard will work.)

All of the mummy parts can be placed in plastic bags with a piece of colored paper inside. The teams would retrieve only the color assigned to their mummy.

The items can include body parts like eyes, heart, fingers, liver, etc… whatever can be found cheaply at places like the dollar store or printed from clip art and cut out of card stock.

4. Each time an item on the scavenger list is retrieved, the team receives a piece of white crepe paper to dress their mummy with. The mummy revivers re-attach the body parts along with the white crepe paper.  ( Double stick tape should work.)

5. As the teams complete their mummy they are awarded prizes for first, second, third…place.

Simple prizes could include inexpensive items like:  hanging spiders, red wax lips, fake dracula teeth,etc…or just bags of Halloween candy.

Let me know if you try this game and how it worked out.

Hope this gets you in the Halloween spirit!

DomLovesMary font, cursive font, script font, wedding font, calligraphy font, wedding invitation, hand lettered font

My new font, DomLovesMary, will be released on myfonts.com in mid October.

The font family features three different versions of the alphabet, a set of “Add Ons” that will include words like “and, to, of, for, at, etc…in addition to 124 flourishes to be added to either the upper or lower case so you can create your own custom look!

It will be released on my Correspondence Ink foundry page.

I’ll be sponsoring a give away of a wedding item using the DomLovesmary font on Brenda’s blog soon.  Subscribe to my blog to get the details.

In the meantime, my first cursive font, Belluccia is still available at myfonts.com and fontbros.com..

tree print, Belluccia calligraphy font, wedding font, cursive font, fancy font, script font, hand lettered font

 Belluccia was named one of myfonts Most Popular Fonts for 2011.

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