Buy a tote, help Baby Will

I am re-posting this from The Wedding Chicks blog. They are offering these Strong Will totes until Friday to help with the expenses for the family of Baby Will.
You can also just donate on their site.  If you can help with a donation, no matter how little, please do.
Or keep Will and his family in your thoughts and prayers.- Thanks, Debi
Here’s the info about this beautiful baby boy.

Hearts For Will

We wanted to take a brief moment and step away from weddings and into real life and share baby Will’s story. Will is the son of Chris and Lori Ruedi, you may know Lori from from Paper and Thread Studio. Will has a heart AV canal defect (a hole through the middle of his heart), double outlet right ventrical, and overriding aorta. To put it simply, until Will is strong enough to have his surgery – each time he gets sick he has an awfully rough time.

Unfortunately Baby Will came down with a virus and ended up in the hospital last Monday. He has been at Rady Children’s center in San Diego, and isn’t recovering as quickly as we would have hoped. Lori and her family have spent day and night in the hospital praying and waiting for the recovery of their sweet baby boy. You can read more about Will and get updates on Lori’s blog She stood in the storm.

As many of you know, when a loved one is in the hospital our entire lives are suddenly at at standstill and we are unable to go about our daily routines. Because of this, we will be donating all the proceeds from our Strong Will Totes to Lori and her family until this Friday. Not only will you receive a super cute tote, but you be helping out a lovely family. If you would like to help, but could live without the tote, you are welcome to donate.

You may have seen the hashtag #heartsforwill on twitter, facebook and instagram – well, this is Will. He’s a fighter and it’s no coincidence that he’s been dubbed ‘Strong Will’ – I (Amy) have been lucky enough to have a couple visits this past week with Lori, Chris, and Will – and nothing has ever turned me into mush like the smiles I got from Will. Beyond the tubes, wires and IVs – Will smiles.

Please help spread the word about Will, he means the world to us. Above are some photos I took of Will at three days (bottom pics) and eight days old (top pic) and as soon as Will comes home we are going to get his three months photos. So, come on buddy, you get better so we can have some fun. xoxo


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