DIY Charm Seating Chart

I’m excited to share this DIY charm seating chart with you.  It’s such a unique idea!  I comes from the creative mind of a bride whose wedding was featured on the Wedding Chicks blog. The photos are by Daniel Kim Photography.

Seating Chart, Wedding seating chart, key seating chart, unique seating chart

DIY wedding project, seating chart, seating cards, diy wedding

This is definitely only for a very small wedding as it would be too confusing for a large group.

1. First you will need a shadow box. ( Save your coupons and get one at your local craft store for 40% off.) If you can’t find one in white, you can easily paint it.

2. Next you’ll need to purchase some old fashioned key charms or other type charm.  I’ve seen some online but you can find an assortment of metal charms at a local craft store .

You’ll need matching sets of charms equal to the number of people attending.

3. Attach a patterned or solid paper or fabric to the inside of the box. Easily done with double stick tape.

4. Attach cup hooks appropriately spaced ( remember you will have to leave room for the charms to hang).  Leave room for the sign in the middle letting them know to “Find your match, to find your seat”. Hang the charms.

(I changed the wording to better fit the option of using more than just keys. Another wording option might be “We’re charmed you’re here! Find your match to find your seat.”)

5. Attachthe “matching” charm to decorated tags with the guests name and table.

That’s it.

A simple, sweet detail to add to an intimate wedding.

If you did this for a bridal shower, you could have everyone place their charm in a bowl and use it to pic winners for the door prizes.

Send pics if you decide to create one for your event!



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And as always my calligraphy font, Belluccia, one of myfonts Most Popular Fonts for 2011 ( She stayed on the Best Seller’s list for 14 months! ) is available at : and
DomLovesMary font, script font, cursive font, calligraphy, hand lettering, wedding font, fancy font, diy wedding
My next font, DomLovesMary, will be released ( fingers crossed!) mid to late September.
The graphic shows off some of the cool flourishes that will be available. 
The cake topper is drawn from the original one used by Dominic and Mary Sementelli on their wedding day September. 6- 1953. 
(They were my in-laws who the font was created to honor.)

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