DIY Wedding Banner Instructions

In today’s post I’m sharing DIY wedding banner instructions.  The original post on the Wedding Chicks blog had so many darling details. These burlap banners really caught my eye.

So I thought I’d create some how to instructions for this and some other DIY items that I saw in this post. Today, I’ll start with the decorative burlap banner.

By the way all the beautiful photography is by Daniel Kim Photography.

just married sign, burlap wedding sign,diy wedding sign

This couple used burlap banners in a variety of places that really added a sweet touch to the outdoor scene.

diy wedding banner, burlap banner, love bannerThey may have purchased these from an Etsy shop but here’s my thought on how to make these easily and inexpensively.

burlap banner with hearts., diy burlap banner instrutcions

1. Cut burlap in the triangular or square shapes in the size you want.  Make sure they are wide and long enough to accommodate the size letters you want with extra room at the top ( 2-3″) to fold over the twine rope for hanging the banner.

Burlap comes in a variety of colors so you can even coordinate with your wedding colors.

2. Purchase  stencils or create your own by printing the letters you need from a font you like at the size needed.

( The one above is a free one I found online. Feel free to download it. )

3. Print final size you want on card stock or .003 acetate. Then cut out with an x-acto knife. (– 26.00 for a pack of 100 sheets of .003 acetate or check your local office supply store.)

4. Once you have your stencils cut, position them on the banner flags . I would put a light coating of a removable spray adhesive on the back on the stencil so the edges stay down and you get a clean line.  You could also try a glue stick in a few strategic places. Try this out first to make sure the stencil comes off easily.

5. Cover any area you don’t want painted.  Newspaper is always handy for this.  You can either use spray paint or brush on acrylic paint. These can be purchased at any craft store.

Remember to brush from the outside of the stencil into the center so the paint doesn’t get under the stencil.

6. Once the flags are dry, space them appropriately on a piece of twine leaving 3′ on either end for hanging. You might use clothespins to temporarily pin them in place.

7. Fold the top 2-3″ of the flags over the twine and adhere or sew in either a thread color to match the burlap or a color to match the lettering. Make sure the flag hugs the twine tightly so it won’t move around.

( Some options for adhesives: “Liquid thread”fabric glue or “Aleene’s fabric bond”)

That should do it!

I’ll be trying this out myself and offering the result as a giveaway on this blog in the next few weeks.

I’m taking suggestions for the wording.  “Just Married” ,”To have and to hold”?  What word/s would you like to see?

The next post will feature DIY mason jars.



Belluccia font

And as always my calligraphy font, Belluccia, one of myfonts Most Popular Fonts for 2011 ( She stayed on the Best Seller’s list for 14 months! ) is available at : and
My next font, DomLovesMary, will be released ( fingers crossed!) mid to late September.
The graphic shows off some of the cool flourishes that will be available. 
The cake topper is drawn from the original one used by Dominic and Mary Sementelli on their wedding day September. 6- 1953. 
(They were my in-laws who the font was created to honor.)

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