Personalized Calligraphy Stamp in Country Living Magazine

Country Living Magazine

Country Living Magazine April 2012

Thanks to all who texted, messaged, and emailed me to let me know about Page 34 in the April 2012 issue of Country Living!  I’m so excited! The Besotted Brand personalized stamp (that I create the calligraphy for) was one of five custom stamps featured in the “fresh picks” section of the magazine.  The others include stamps that have a likeness of you, your pet or your house and a personalized book plate.  All very clever ideas!

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Custom Calligraphy stamp available at

Here’s a pic of the custom calligraphy stamp. Your name can be lettered in sentence case or all lower case for a modern feel. It would make a great gift for anyone. Something personal bridesmaids would just love to receive:) And Tristan is happy to send it directly to the recipient.

Besotted Brand is a great place to shop for high quality stamps, paper, labels and other unique stationery items. Tristan B., the proprietor, is meticulous in her research and does not stop until she finds the very best.  She has these beautiful stationery gift sets that are presented in a darling way.  It all comes in a lovely hinged wooden box with the stamps packaged in muslin bags all cushioned in wood shred.  The paper stock, she had specially made, has a luxurious feel. I was fortunate enough to receive one of these gift sets and was blown away by the quality and presentation.

besotted brand stamps, rubber stamps, stationery,

Besotted Brand Stationery Gift Set

stationery, note cards, besotted brand paper

Stationery note card set

Thanks to Tristan B. of Besotted Brands for including my calligraphy in her wonderful product line.  And thanks to Country Living for choosing to showcase our stamp!

DIY Wedding Invitation

And as always my calligraphy font, Belluccia, one of myfonts Most Popular Fonts for 2011, is available at : and


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