Calligraphy Valentines

Every year, Kaligrafos, the Dallas Calligraphy Society, holds it’s annual Valentine Exchange. This year’s theme was “Tickled Pink”.

You tickle my fancy! sign in Belluccia font

It’s a lovely event with lots of  yummy treats and hand made Valentines from an incredibly creative group. We are not talking run of the mill Valentines.  They are all so unique and beautifully hand crafted in a variety of materials.  There are too many to post but here are a few pics to “tickle” your fancy!

Hand Constructed Theater Valentine by Janell Wimberly

Hand made Valentine by Julie Yuhanna

Hand made Zentangle Valentine by Angie Vangalis

Hand made Valentine by Jeri Wright

Two hand made booklet Valentines by Rick Garlington

Hand Made Pop Up Valentine by Lynette Broyles

Ceramic Heart Valentine

Embroidered Heart Valentine

Hand Made Fabric Valentine

I couldn’t keep track of who did what so I will have to update this post when I find out the names of the calligraphers for the three above.

Yummy Peanut Butter Passion Hugs

Hope you enjoyed these delightful designs!  Check out more about Kaligrafos here.

And as always my calligraphy font, Belluccia, one of myfonts Most Popular Fonts for 2011, is available at : and


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