More Wedding projects made with Belluccia font.

Okay I promised I would post the rest of the projects that were completed by the “Oh So Talented Mother of the Bride”, Deni.  So here they are.  Remember these are not professional photos:)

One of the things Deni did that was budget friendly, was to find items for re-use from stores like Goodwill.  This first pic is a wooden frame she used to create a fun little detail .

Real wood picture frame.

She printed one of my Country Chic heart ornaments ( these are still in the making!) and hand lettered the bride and groom’s initials and wedding date inside.  It’s printed on “paper bag” card stock.  The plaque on the frame, which says the wood came from the Ft. Worth Stockyards, was left on for effect.  A nod to her Texas roots ( the wedding was in Virginia) this made  a nice detail for her daughter’s Country Chic themed wedding!  And won’t this look cute sitting on their bedside table?

Menu printed on "Paper Bag" card stock

Next up is the Menu. Again printed on “paper bag” card stock she purchased at Paper Source ( my heaven on earth!). She used the Belluccia font and ornaments ( Pictured are bottles with flowers, another from the yet to be released Country Chic Ornament set.) I wish the picture had turned out better.  Hopefully the photographer got a nice shot.

You’ll notice the large ampersand going around the groom’s name. I love to use big ampersands! I like to think of them as my trademark of sorts.  The Belluccia Pro version has five extra ampersands that extend to greater lengths to accommodate short and long names.  I think they are a great design element.

Signs for "Blessings"

Now we come to the “Blessings” signage.  They asked guests to leave notes for the bride and groom in the form of  “Blessings”.  “Sweet Memories, Advice and Prayers” were the suggested topics.  Deni picked a Belluccia border with hearts to adorn the signs, along with the font.  For the sign that hung overhead, she used two of the heart ornaments spelling out “Blessings”.  I like her decision to alternate the way the hearts were facing as well as the choice of simple papers to back them.

Half of "Blessings" signage

Ohter half of "Blessings" signage


Deni once again used the Chalkboard look to create these darling “Mr. and Mrs” signs to hang on the backs of their chairs. Again, the use of the Belluccia font, flourishes and ornaments all come together to make two beautiful keepsakes.  Can’t you just see these hanging in their first home?

"Mr. and Mrs." Chalkboard signs

Well the guest book is next, but you’ll have to wait for the next post to see it:)  They loved the idea of an unconventional guest book I created for another client and found the perfect book to use.

If you haven’t yet taken a peek at the the Belluccia font family, just check it out here:

I’m happy to say it is going strong at #2 on the Hot New Fonts list and #10 on the Best Sellers list.  And of course we were thrilled to see it appear in Myfonts  “Rising Stars” newsletter.  And tickled pink to see our names in the Popular Designers list on Myfonts front page.

When I say, “we” I am referring to myself and my collaborator, Brian Bonislawsky.  I call him the “Type Titan”, a designer himself of a large quantity of fabulous fonts.  Check out his work at:

I did the hand lettered design of  the Belluccia font, flourishes, ornaments and borders.  He did the technical part of making it into an actual typable font.  Together, our foundry is called “Correspondence Ink”.

I’m excited to say we are busy working on the next font.

I love to design with people who will use the fonts in mind.  If you have a particular hand lettered look you’ve always hoped to see in a font, let me know!

I’m off to Phoenix for IAMPETH’s Annual Calligraphy Convention.  A week filled with daily classes from fabulous calligraphers and Master Penmen!  I’m sure I’ll have some goodies to post when I get back.


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