DIY Mailing Box with Calligraphy Font Cookie

I recently sent out 60 mailing boxes with a delicious cookie to help promote my new calligraphy font, Belluccia.   Who wouldn’t love to get a yummy treat in the mail??  They needed to be functional, so the cookie didn’t break in the mail, as well as pretty!

I’ve created invitations lettered on cookies before, so the how- to’s were already a given.  ( Check them out on my website:  But I thought I’d share the process with people who might like to create something similar.  Luckily, my helper Michelle was willing to play “Vanna” for this instructive video.


Belluccia calligraphy font on a cookie

Here’s a still shot of the final cookie with Belluccia font printed on it.

I’ll soon be posting more how-to’ s for DIY projects using my font as well as tutorials to show all the cool things you can do with the Belluccia font, flourishes, ornaments and borders.

I’m thrilled at the reception it has gotten.  It’s now #3 on the Hot New Fonts list on  Take a peek!

Subscribe to this blog and start receiving my special give-aways.  I’ll be setting up a contest soon with prizes related to the Belluccia font for my subscribers.  Stay tuned!

Right now, I’m  busy working on my next font as well as a set of “Country Chic” ornaments!  Think mason jar with flowers, barns, wooden signs, etc..  I’d love to hear what particular objects  you’d like to see included  in this set of ornaments.

If you are a bride or invitation designer, leave a comment with your suggestion.  If I use it, you could win a set of  “Country Chic “ornaments !


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