Wedding Font for Wedding Festivities

At Lettering Art Studio, we love to hear and see your success stories when you take the creative wheel behind your big event! We are pleased to offer you yet another DIY Wedding opportunity using our newest script font, Belluccia  font, ornaments, fourishes and borders.

Today’s DIY project is a Welcome sign for your wedding or event.  If you subscribe to my blog and post a comment about the project, I’ll send you a copy of the Welcome sign artwork to use for your own project!

Here’s the How to :

Step 1.)  I started with this wooden shape.  I happened to have this one left over from another project.  But you can create one yourself out of something as simple as cardboard or foam core.  Just make sure it has a smooth surface. You can also buy pre-cut wooden shapes at a craft store, or look for wooden signs at places like Goodwill.
Step 2.) Next I attached the  Adhesive backed Chalkboard paper ( Michael’s) to the board and cut the shape out.
Step 3.) I created the artwork on the computer using my new Belluccia font, banner ( in the flourishes package) and birds from the ornament package. ( The birds aren’t shown in this pic.  The font inside the banner is actually a new one I’m creating!)  I actually changed the wording inside the banner to say “Our Wedding”.

I sized it to fit the board by enlarging it on my copier.  I also made a small border by drawing around the outline of the shape using a Chalk Marker.  ( Michael’s)

Step 4.) Once I had the artwork in place, I traced it onto the chalkboard paper by placing white transfer paper ( any craft store) under it and tracing with a sharp pencil.  I did the same thing with the birds.
Step 5.) The last thing is to fill in the artwork using the Chalk marker.  It’s a chiseled edge so you have to put it up on it’s thinnest edge to make the finer lines.  I need to check and see if this marker comes in different tips.  That would be helpful.  But the look overall is not supposed to be refined.
Being a calligrapher, I just hand lettered the date and names and “Our Wedding”, but you could trace a simple block font if you don’t feel comfortable with your hand skills.
You can attach a hanger at the top and hang it on a door or post  or attach it to a wooden stake and put it in a planter.
I’d love to see what ideas you come up with!  If you end up making something with the artwork, please send me the how to pics for posting.  Or just a pic of the final piece.
Hope you enjoyed the first of many how to projects using Belluccia !

Both fanciful and classy, Belluccia was created with the DIY bride in mind as well as invitation designers.  It has all the components just ready for you to create invitations and wedding signage with the beautiful look of calligraphy at a fraction of the cost.

To get a better look at the Belluccia font as well as the whole family of flourishes, ornaments and borders go to :


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