Calligraphy Henna tattoos

One of the best parts of what I do is the variety of things I get to create. There must be something in the air because 2 clients came to me wanting calligraphy designs for a henna tatoo! How cool is that !

The first one was a vendor going to a special antique show and wanted to have the words “troc. broc. re´cup.” lettered on her arm. ( which in french means something like ” barter. swap. re-purpose “.)

Here’s a pic of the final “ink” done by Dallas Henna artist Karen Weiss of Henna Tattoos Dallas.

henna tattoo

Karen must have had me in mind because a few weeks later another client called wanting a design to surprise her hubby for their anniversary. I’ll just say that this one required lettering on a graduating curve. See for yourself.

Henna tattoo

I think the idea of a temporary tattoo is fun for the not so adventurous (like me) who don’t want anything permanent. Karen did a great job with both of these.

Now to have a whole back to design something for…hmmm…any takers:)


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