Clever DIY Wedding Guest Book Idea

I just love when a client comes to me with a unique idea.  When they also say “Do whatever you think will look best.”…  well that’s just icing on the cake:)

This lovely bride came to me with a beautiful photo book entitled “love” by Ferdinand Protzman.  The publisher is National Geographic.  The photos inside depict a variety of people in all situations who are  in love.

photo spread inside "love" book

She wanted me to letter the names of her and her fiancé as well as the wedding date and location on the inside cover page.

Since it is a non-traditional guest book,  she also wanted people to know they could sign anywhere.  She gave me a piece of beautiful floral paper to use if I wanted and left the rest up to me.

For those of you who like a DIY project, I’ve included some pics to help understand the process.  Here are the tools I used as well as  the book without the paper cover.

Tools: Floral and card stock papers, tracing paper, ruler, x-acto knife, rounded corner maker, double back tape and spray adhesive

“love” photo book by Ferdinand Protzman

After deciding on a layout, I started sizing the papers I was going to use.  This includes the floral paper which will serve as a background to the white card stock that I will letter the names on.  This is backed by a matching pink card stock.

Floral Paper cut to size of inside page

Next after deciding to letter the bride’s message  on the inside book cover, I did a rough of it on tracing paper to see where I wanted to place it.

I also did a rough of the bride and groom’s names and date to decide on lettering style, colors and layout.  I chose brush lettering in two colors.  If you want to do this yourself, you could easily print the lettering on your computer .

Rough layouts

Now to make everything permanent.  This is when it is crucial to go slow and make sure you are as precise as possible.  I started with attaching the floral paper.  This is a job for the garage!  After laying clean cardboard and newspaper down, I  aligned and attached the paper with white artist tape at the top of the page.  I flipped it up  and sprayed it with Spray Adhesive.  Be sure to cover everything else that is not meant to be sprayed with newspaper.  Slowly place the paper onto the page making sure that it is still aligned with the edges.Preparing to spray the floral paper

Using double sided tape, I attached the final lettered piece along with the pink backing to the floral paper.   The last part of the job was lightly penciling in lines and the words  of the message to be lettered.  Since this is going directly onto the book cover, extra caution is taken.  The last step is brush lettering the words with gouache paint.

The final look

The end result is a unique book that will be right at home on the couple’s coffee table so they can glimpse through and read the lovely notes left by their guests.

I’m wondering what other occasions a photo book could be used for in a similar way.   A fiftieth birthday? An anniversary?  Have any ideas of any specific photo books that would work for a specific occasion?  I’d love to make more of these!


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