Calligraphy Workshop Attendees

Cards lettered by student in a variety of styles and tools

I’m excited to share some of the work of my calligraphy students from today’s workshop.

They were all beginners who had different things they wanted to accomplish.  Some just wanted to acquire a fun skill to make their craft projects special.  Others were looking to learn how to address envelopes for a wedding.  One was a graphic designer looking to be able to add some original calligraphy to her work.

They all had a great attitude and willingness to learn, which is the most important part!

I wish I would have thought of capturing my former students work.  So if you have attended one of my workshops and have used calligraphy in a project, please send me a pic so I can brag about you!

It’s fun for me to share something I love to do.  And it gives me a chance to get out of my studio and chat with great people.

Even better is watching all of you enjoy and surprise yourselves with what you can learn in just 3 hours!

Classes are always held on a Saturday from 1- 4 pm.  My next class will be in June or July when my schedule allows. I should have an exact date soon.  Call the Paper Source at North Park Center 214-696-4400 in the next few weeks.  If it’s sold out  be sure you put your name on the waiting list.

In the meantime, here are some pics of my students work !

Name hand lettered with Versa brush marker then embossed with gold

Hand lettered envelope and place card using paint pens, name lettered with Versa marker embossed in red

Cards utilizing a variety of tools and techniques

Alphabet in Italic lettering with card

Practice sheets for a variety of lettering styles

Practice sheet and cards with words created using paint pens


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