Gorgeous Fabric Art

I am thrilled to share some pics of the work of artist Nan Kirby who does all kinds of wonderful art.  Today’s pics are of some fabric art she’s been working on.  The photos don’t do them justice.  There so many 3 dimensional parts that add so much texture and color.

For instance in the seascape, you’ll find fish and coral all hand sewn with beads.  So much intricate detail.  There’s a mermaid in the middle and if you look in the upper left, you’ll see the  octopus.  The piece isn’t even done yet but you can already tell this beautiful mosaic of fabric and beads will be even more magical with her finishing touches.

Seascape Fabric Mosaic by Nan Kirby

The next piece is a framed montage made from a combination of fabric, trim, beads and these beautiful gold metal birds.  The combination is a perfectly balanced piece of whimsy!

Birds in Gold Frame by Nan Kirby

Last, is a work in progress.  If you look closely you’ll see a “B”, outlined in beads, in the Versal lettering style.  Nan’s sense of color and texture are so playful yet descriptive. And just plain makes you smile !  Thanks for sharing these with me Nan!

Versal "B" by Nan Kirby


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