Fabulous Invitation

I can’t tell you how much fun it was to work with recent bride Molly McDonough.  She and her long time beau Brett Long got hitched on October 2 at Rough Creek Lodge in Glen Rose, Texas.  She may have her  MBA, but this girl’s real calling is as a designer.

She worked with Chicago designer Elizabeth Grace who did an incredible job translating Molly’s ideas into a unique finished invitation suite.  I was thrilled to add my calligraphy touch on the labels for her invitations that were sent in…ready for this…cigar boxes!  I also provided Place Cards, Table Cards and Wedding Flags ( you have kids walk around with them to announce when it’s time for  the “First Dance” and “Cake Cutting”).  All of these were done on computer, instead of with calligraphy , which is an alternative option I provide.

The invitations  were wrapped in brown paper and affixed with the custom label and vintage stamps which Molly bought from a collector.  This girl is resourceful!! The actual invitation was laser cut out of wood and then the lettering was also done by laser.  The address on the Reply envelope  was letter pressed and has a gorgeous design.  Same for the booklet that was included with the invitation suite.   It featured “All the Particulars” of the Wedding Weekend.  This was not just a one day affair!

This included not only a Schedule of Events for each day of the weekend but info on Transportation, Breakfast, Hospitality Suite , Childcare and a list of the “Rough Creek Activities” that their guests could choose to partake in. Since it was Texas/ OU Weekend…there was game watching in the afternoon before the evening wedding ceremony for all to cheer their team on to Victory.  My favorite line in the booklet was described what would be provided for OU fans …” a 12 inch black and white TV in the janitorial closet.”

Molly and Brett are just staying true to Texas 🙂  Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Long!!  It was truly a pleasure to work with someone so creative!!

By the way, another client of mine who got married at Rough Creek Lodge also gave it rave reviews!


Calligraphed label on invitation

Calligraphed Label on Cigar Box Wedding invitation wrapped in brown paper with vintage stamps

Authentic unique assortment of Cigar Boxes held the invitation suite

Wooden Laser Cut and laser engraved invitation, Letter Pressed Reply Card and Envelope, Letter Pressed Weekend Activities Booklet - all mailed in unique individual cigar boxes!

Letter Pressed Reply Card

Letter Pressed Reply Card

Wedding Flags, Table Tent and Place Card

Wedding Flags, Table Tent and Place Card


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